Couples Counselling

My approach to couples work is threefold.

I work with couples to see where things are breaking down, and what the underlying issues are. What is going on at the surface is often just a symptom of deeper problems that are sometimes either not in awareness or not being discussed. I provide guidance and a safe space to begin that exploration.

I help each individual explore what their triggers are in their relationships. Some triggers will be from the current relationship. Others will be from old hurts experienced in earlier attachments that impact the current relationship. Sorting through these, bringing them into awareness, and more deeply understanding yourself and your partner can bring healing change.

With this new information, we work together to develop skills and strategies that facilitate more effective, open and honest communication from a place of compassion for each other and yourself.

In couples work it is important that both parties feel comfortable with the therapist. The free initial consultation will give you both a chance to decide if I am the right therapist for you.

Gayle Baker
Registered Psychotherapist
& Couples Counsellor
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